Newsboys – Million Pieces

KDZ - OG Cover

Newsboys – Million Pieces.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to Newsboys – Million Pieces

  1. Xsmoke657x


  2. gamojo100

    Then there is truly hope my friend

  3. abcjc1

    kiss em good bye, now Jesus is with you! :)

  4. Hannah KK

    “Oh, a-zey all fall” XDD

  5. NaturalMiracleMan

    Surrender? No. Just letting go of the stress and relaxing. 

  6. NaturalMiracleMan

    Here! Here!

  7. NaturalMiracleMan

    “Reprobate”? Nay, sir. I am a man of principle. My principles simply are not based upon the Bible. I’ve read the entire Bible; I was raised on it, in fact. Romans 1 and 2 hold nothing I find particularly enlightening.

  8. PhilosopherPony

    Even though I’m an Atheist/Agnostic, I still like this song.

  9. James Netterville

    I do hope you are not a reprobate, but the kind of statements you made sure sounds like it. Read Romans chapters 1& 2.

  10. gabrielbarriga41

    Ok I’m confused I just heard about newboys about a week ago but there are diffrent ppl in this song that thy others can someone explain

  11. trentholt

    when the pain is so intense that you can’t take it anymore… 

  12. trentholt

    Best song ever heard on surrendering. Man… what a revolutionary concept!

  13. NaturalMiracleMan

    Sent you a message. Reply when you can.

  14. NaturalMiracleMan

    I’m fine with messaging. However, I do not see how to message you. Would you mind sending me an initial message? I will then respond to your comment about Paul in Timothy.

  15. RobinHood5553

    We could use the private messages on YouTube, if you like.

  16. NaturalMiracleMan

    We could continue this conversation elsewhere. Where do you have in mind? I often forget to check on youtube for responses anyway, which is why my responses are often so spaced out by time.

  17. Janai Seals

    I Love This Song with all My Heart and I LOVE GOD MORE!!! <3 #Unashamed

  18. miguel perez

    fuckin’ newsboys, they Rock!!

  19. miguel perez

    I have God in the palm of my hand and he is my bitch hahahahahah!!!

  20. miguel perez

    God is a stupid ass mothafucking lazy dog!!

  21. miguel perez

    all you christians fuck you!!!

  22. RobinHood5553

    Point taken. But I must contest your point that one can be an informed Christian and believe homosexuality is right (see 1st Timothy one, where Paul categorizes “men who practice homosexuality” along with others that the Bible irrefutably condemns as “lawless and disobedient, trespassers and sinners” as opposed to “the just.”) That said, I don’t think arguing about it in YouTube comments will achieve anything. But I would be willing to continue this conversation in a more constructive forum.

  23. NaturalMiracleMan

    I am aware that the Torah included laws intended for health codes. However, homosexuality is not a health violation any more than heterosexuality. Also, I personally know several informed Christians who do not believe that homosexuality is declared wrong in the New Testament. I’ve not judged this person for “upholding his own beliefs.” Rather, I’ve challenged those beliefs, and he is welcome to challenge mine as well.

  24. RobinHood5553

    If you look into the seemingly random Old Testament commandments you will find that many, if not all, provided safety from diseases that people in those days did not understand. So, no, it is not purely a moral guide and, as people of the New Covenant we are not bound by those laws. But things declared in the New Testament as wrong must be considered wrong by the informed Christian. So please, do not judge the man for upholding his own beliefs just like you uphold yours.

  25. NaturalMiracleMan

    As for homosexuality, so what if they have “special” health concerns? That does not make being a homosexual wrong. It simply means that they are different, and there is nothing wrong with being different. Having health concerns just means one has to be concerned about taking precautions. Homosexuality is a natural part of life on earth, and it is found in countless non-human animal species. The Bible also calls eating shellfish an abomination. The Bible isn’t the best moral guide out there.

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